Premonition~ Great Ending of The Pencil Poetry Session


This story was like a premonition. What may follow, what would happen? Who would be chosen to doodle? Who would be the Lead Leader? So many questions pointed up in the slender thin minds. Ah these last lines in the last reading of the session might be a clue? A prayer or a pleading? All were keenly straining forward and unsuccessfully trying to recline as the space was ample but short in length
It was telling Time-that it will be September when the apples are ripe’ and what must be the condition of the workers…
Apples are freshly coming in, though September is gone for days.
And so the words were heard……
Apples are ripe everywhere
Come September again
Take me there
so that I learn to care and share, but the right color
and odor to breathe in and say Grace
that I may be pure like the fruit
sweet like its taste and happy like its hue red and cream;
I may pluck the due and look up to the new
and then sit under the shade and watch over the glade
as I fulfill my obligation to myself and to my nation
That I must be True; as my elders bade
me to be I will be for I know
The apple tree and The Almighty
are looking down on me’.

And so Dame Redhood successfully conducted another session. What she had derived from it no one could really make out but there must be something of value related to the Mystery that was now a matter of concern for all…
The last part was a poetic narration and was a prayer and a pledge to ‘do as bid’ to serve the nation and to do good knowing that the Almighty was aware and looking all the time.It might be a premonition of Time and Events. No one was thinking that at the moment.

Great Ending to this session.


The Pencil Collector’s Story and Others

This narration is by a writer who is also a Pencil Collector, fond of mysteries and is a great story teller.

Well, begin pointing please…

Just like The Tree and Pencil World –The next is   The Writers World-

In a writers world the environment matters. The content created loses its quality if it is affected by unwelcome presences. “The Great Creative Muse  seems to be suffering from ‘flu or maybe, no perhaps, well … has been frightened to death by the ’strange stark white shifting bony presence ‘in the Writers Room, the upper and lower limbs suffer sudden falloffs, one day I found it sitting on my file cover quite close to my work system ……..May The Good….Lord forgive me ….I feel it is for the grave language errors that I……claiming ….to be a wwwww.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..iiiiii.tttt..eee..rrr…….am committing…….”My friend who loves to write expressed herself, clearly  upset about the new workplace she had just joined.

“well, why don’t you inform the boss?”

“well, he is a busy boss ‘and I feel sort of uncomfortable talking about these things’ mean bony things, its an advertising company that’s why that thing stays around. Its an AD’OH My God a bony ad”

‘Yes against the dangers of smoking, don’t you see?’‘I am not seeing things  clearly these days, due to the ‘flu’ I think it affects the eyesight along with the brain’

‘a skeleton in the environment-do you think it would affect creativity ?”

“Well I really cannot say””Skeletons have been seen lurking in graveyards or museums or the science labs, but not in creative writing places’.”It is strange indeed’

‘It reminds me of The Transformers ‘maybe it is really something else?’

“Ah that sounds like a great idea, try talking to it and see what happens’

Hhhhmmmnnn I don’t know if I… Inspiration for Writing is necessary

‘One cannot write a great piece of art without being inspired’ I think someone said that ’success is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration ‘One has to work hard for creating something worthy.

‘How can a skeleton inspire?’That is the important question.

There are four other writers who work in that room. I am the only female. Is it affecting me only?

My friend was still confused.

‘Well, just think of the grace that body must have had, the stylish walk , the dark handsome look, the dark greenish eyes, the long black silky hairr………………….

OH do you think its a woma………..’s skeleton? Well for a Creative writer imagination has no limits’, my friend smiled a little but was still  concerned.

Story 8

Next we have a different approach of narration by the Grand Pointed Reps from Balat Forest. It is the essence of The Tree philosophy  and that is ‘About point Giving’

Lets begin as they say that

Giving is a good habit.Giving time, giving attention, help guidance and advice.But what about receiving?

First we must know that Giving is Good’so

Give in the name of the Creator’ is a common call adopted by those who go about roaming the streets, sometimes  with a bowl and sack .Seen on the road crossings , beggars, men and women and now children, may be a scene in a third world country, but it is a reality.All these people must be aware of the fact that ‘Giving is Good’ and they are ready to receive.

People give to be known to all as kind and generous.Some give to ward off  illnesses, some for love as giving gifts,some for collecting respect and maybe many for good deed rewards in the hereafter.Do the givers have enough for themselves that they give or are they just ‘good people’

Giving is sharing

I believe giving is sharing.One may give something and ask for its return soon.Giving is lending in a way too.As maybe money as loan which must be returned and not ‘written off’.

Giving is by Givers

Shakespeare wrote ’some people are born great, some acquire greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’ It is to be believed that ’some people are born givers’ That is true in this world.The Givers’ are not concerned about what they are receiving in return.They just give , of their possessions

Giving is  a Holy Act

Let us spread the true art of Giving-this leads to understanding tolerance and being patient.The best is the development of hope in the bond with nature.

‘If you wish to keep a thing then ‘give it away’.

Nature will return it perhaps in a better form, but surely.So we the trees from the Balat Forest are born Givers-we have brought with us our fruit from the special Balat Tree. It has many benefits and if one eats it makes the eater a Giver, so we suggest if you ever come across a greedy or a miser pencil offer and persuade him to eat some of this fruit.It will be greatly beneficial to the whole forest.

 Elderly Great Grans evaluate and comment

Great Grans really appreciated this narration There was applause and pencil scratch grunts when the story ended.It was considered a great addition to the Story Repertoire of Pencileeze Hall


Story 9

We make a decision and then tend to move away from it, start having second thoughts but why does the human being think so-any answers?

We request that questions may be asked for these philosophical thoughts expressed by Our Great Pencil Master from Dream Forests land

We start with a question …It is addressed to the Self Pencil…
Already Failing

Am I already failing to fulfill the dream that I saw

Am I sailing yet adrift , Ah my tragic flaw

of waivering doubting and thinking

about what I wish and what I draw-

Am I already weakening

losing hope and tearing

up the paper that I wrote upon

and  that where the new light shone on

and that which had my new thoughts

am I losing the grip on tomorrow

and beginning to drown in the white sorrow

and seeing visions blurred

grey and blue

No let me see the shadow

that falls behind and calls me

to come in under its shade

The Red Rock that bade

the pale to glow and flow bright

in the sky for peace and love

Am I failing to see the blade

that sharpens the grass

and clears the way

Ah Hope let me stay for a while

In my single style that others see

but I am blind and simple in humility

for thats my lesson and Guide

Oh Dear OH Lord grant me the sight

so that all is illumined and LIGHT

Great Grans Pencils comments must be heard before the next story begins.’This is a great questioning narration.We think it is matching the Tree philosophy and must be valued.Decisions are relevant and the process of making decisions must be learnt.The second thing is self evaluation and analysis. There is hope if we keep simplicity in our lives.There are strange shadows in the woods which must be noticed and marked for certain creatures exist that hamper and hider the progress and growth of living things which must move towards The Good’ Great Work here, it is appreciated.

Mangacha Forest Rain Story~ The 6th in line


The Great Gran Pencils moved a little from side to side at the next story teller. This one was quite green with shades of white and reflected plain honesty with a sympathetic smile.No pride yet straight as an arrow. ‘I come from the Green Land’

Greenland ? Greenland? The place which is all white and was discovered by Eric The Red?

No No,this one has high brown and purple mountain ranges with white topped high peaks.Many pine forests and pine lands and also the Hand like Rivers’

Hmnn sounds interesting’ Please point begin….

I come from the Mangacha

                                                                                     Mangacha Forest Rain                                                                   Story 6

The area is also a Plateau called The Pothohaar  Plateau. This means that the weather remains cold and dry but for the close by hills there is a break in the rising clouds that causes them to shed their load and we say ‘Its raining’ This year it has been unusually cold.Snow has fallen even in the plains. Winter has prolonged by more than a month. The  bare branches on the trees are beginning to sprout and awaken but the rebirth of Nature is slow.

Change is manifest all over

It is all, an April coming! showers, sun, thunder lightening , soft quiet drizzle , dry bowers awakening in green wonder peeping buds, shyly shaking and trembling nervously, fearing the breeze lest it turn too chilly. The weather change can be witnessed all over the world.

Breakfast in the Cold

Mangacha  is a different and strange city. It was a military cantonment in the times of the British Raj and social movement was limited. A few important places were prominent for prominent people and their programs and events. Breakfast was available at the Bus Stands far inside the city where travelers and other people would get a cup of hot tea for Rs 2 ( now it is Rs 20) The hot ‘roti’ or more popularly called ‘naan’ or ‘paratha’ sells like hot cakes. One gets dressed and a roadside breakfast is ideal as it is ready made and served hot. This is really a winter breakfast on the menu. When it is raining then it makes it more enjoyable to have ‘hareesa’ a meat dish cooked all night and mashed till it is like a thick paste.
Spring Rain  falls in small drops and is preceded by loud thunder. Once the drizzle begins then the skies are quiet.The environment becomes cool and one enjoys a hot drink while observing the falling drops.The atmosphere is highly motivating for poets to express their new thoughts, it is a time for poetry Festivals and Flower Shows too day of the Poetry Festival , dawns bright and sunny, the rain comes the night before , but all is well as the poetry reading begins.

Chaucer begins’  Whan that April Showers….

and so the rains in my city  hails the advent of Spring, cool as can be, with an air of life beginning afresh and happiness and peace prevails

The Grans Evaluate and comment Gran pencils had smiles all over as they shifted their points in praise of this one only one Gran had a serious look as its point did not move either way.It remained straight.

This approach we would call a middle or neutral straight.

Gribo Forest Story ~ ‘To Connect is to Accept’ ~

gribo forest pencil

Story 5

The beautiful multi colored gorgeous stylish Writer from the Gribo Forest  straightened herself  and began, her narration matched her appearance

Connection is being in harmony with the environment.Connection is being happy inside our hearts and happy with things outside. To “connect” is to accept and appreciate and be thankful.

Connection is made with Language

We are all here , every day, with our thoughts  feelings joys memories, poems and interests, all joined together by one medium-the medium of language.If I had not learnt the English Language I would not have shared the opportunities provided here, nor learnt so much, nor made so many friends.I am thankful that I was able to learn this wonderful means of excellence in expression. Writing is a Gift

Born with the love and gift of writing I have been searching and connecting, and that is how I found Honorable Dame Redhood felt connected with the environment, with the people with the learning and above all with the beautiful green natural surroundings that simply seeped into the soul and spirit.God has made this Earth so beautiful for All of Us-The sky would come close at night, and the tiny twinkling diamonds would whisper sweet songs,I felt I could reach out and slip into the constellation, fly for hours and never feel cold or tired.I felt connected

It is the Writers who Connect people

We as Writers are here to Write Our Way Home-This is our Home Our Writers Home , so we need to connect more, share more , respond more and write more.I feel we can ‘link’ in some way with all the members and Groups.We are all reflecting on ‘Our Connections’ and wondering how to share more.

Reflection in Writing brings Peace

Writing- Reflecting, and then writing again. The process is the same.Under the sky , with the clouds, with the rain, then sunshine, the colors brighten up in the rainbow , in the flower bed and outside the window sill, let us all be ‘connected’ -pearly drops will soon descend to bring peace to everyone.

The Grans Evaluate this story and comment
Ah what a Green prophecy. A lovely premonition of freshness and life to begin again for the new trees.Stay connected with the Tree and you will remain free, though how would that be , there were only a few who understood this evergreen philosophy.This narration was enjoyed

~ Of Story 4 ~ The Bird on the Tree Top Marks a Sign ~

Story 4

And now the story or recount about the relationship of birds and trees.

8cb4ff418c6b5c4d4fc6ed1dcd2ac638fda69af5343376cd1d6ca07b3815d2ed-bigLet the Bird Sign be shown….

The Bird on The Tree Top gives a Sign

Like another year the current one will also  cross over .

The world celebrates by fireworks, songs , music and dances, distributing fun laughter and joy, maybe somewhere food and sweets are given away in happiness. What are we really celebrating? what do we plan to do? how much good would we bring into the world? how many people will be happy content and satisfied?

Promises by public leaders, hopes for a change, looking up to the sky but feeling the biter cold…

The political speaker shouted at the top of his voice on the tv addressing not so huge a rally in a stadium, compared to some other gatherings recently held.It has become a way to judge a leader by the number of people he manages to gather and force them to listen to all his plans of the uncertain future. It is a world of hope that survives, a mind mature enough to see the right lawful path, to follow the ordained, to believe in the Truth and above all to act upon it…The lonesome thoughtful bird perches on the top , as the sun goes down or more so the Earth turns more, as we humans celebrate cry moan complain and kill , it watches and is hopeful to find thrown away crumbs and a few drops of water… there is providence in the perching of the sparrow…there is good…there is happiness…there is more than we are grateful for….there is work to do…see how the bird sits quietly and observes…it gives the sign of patience and courage to reach the top and we need to think and follow Natures Guidance for our betterment.

More in life , more color more luck, it is there waiting to be discovered…to celebrate a new effort towards the good of all humanity.

Great Grans were silent for a moment, probably the story had depth and was shorter than the others, and a statement was difficult. Then Master Gran spoke

’ wonderful,  pencil point’ Well done.

’ Move on scribe…let the scratching scribbling  begin….

~Of The Third Story ~ Is There a Boy in the Tree?

My Nature 017

Story 3

This story was of particular interest and everyone in the Hall moved in their elongated seated chairs. There were whispers all around some scratches sounded too and some participant pencils were seen scribbling with their points down.The story was a question. Like many tree stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk’ The Golden Apple Tree, The Monkey Caps Tree, The Tree house’ and House in the Woods’ this was about one single tree. The question was  : Is There a Boy in the Tree? or Is it our imagination playing tricks or is there really a presence. As Family Criticism is A Usual Thing’ we faced a lot of it too.

The Story begins

When we shifted in this house with the number 73 and the lane number 4 we were happy to have secured a roof. Most of the family was not  because the house was part of a duplex and needed renovation.

‘Its small’ what room will you keep for Grandfather? Did you think of that? If only this wall could be pushed a little back there would be more space’

Many words and many opinions I kept my foot firm on the ground and as time passed comments quietened and finally subsided and began turning into appreciation It took about six to eight months for the changes in the layout of the house to be complete.Then came the turn of the small open space in the front of the house. We must plant some trees as there is hardly any shade and its so hot.

Three Trees were planted and they grew steadily.

The trees grew with time and so did the children.From school to college and from college to married life Soon another aspect started appearing in the house.Strange sounds , sudden shadow

movements and misplaced things.Oh Dear now what? No need to be afraid, its our own house and soon all this will go away.
Something in the trees lives for sure.
Ammi do you think something lives in the tree? we always heard that ‘no one should stand under it at sunset the fairies try to catch you then…No No…Its all in the head?
Revealing Photograph
And so, many questions were asked and answered, many shadows seen and waved away, many nights spent awake, but nothing mattered nor were we ever afraid. One day as usual I was taking photographs on the terrace.I took some of the sun shining brightly through the branches. My next step is to download them on the computer and enjoy the results, crop and then combine them with my words.To my amazement I stopped on one photograph and Lo there was a boy sitting in the branches…I looked again and again and I was sure it the image of a two year old boy wearing shorts , socks and shoes and a yellow T shirt, smiling broadly. I shared it with my friend , she failed to see anyone-my husband would keep peering for hours and then nothing would he ever see…its only me so could it be my imagination or is there a ‘boy in the tree’?

Gran Pencils discussion began as soon as the story was over.

They came to a conclusion sooner, smiled and said ‘true account, well presented, teaches us a lesson of life beyond this one.

Good narration and observation.We have been enlightened about mystery and education.


Pencil Story from Myst Forest ~ The Night the City Sank ~

Death had played its part in life so young.


Elderly Gran Pencils had been seated by the time this story ended. The second story was about to be told. Before we move to the next story it is requested that opinion be given for the first.

The elderly Gran pencil put their points together and a discussion began. Soon they had come to some conclusion:

We shall say that the two characters were good dutiful responsible, willing and keen to learn, made efforts to reach the learning centers, and set a good example for others though Life did not favor’ we shall say Good’ The other side shows that people who are actually responsible for ‘work’ have not done it and are ignoring their duties’.

Now for the Second story please begin with your point: The Pencil from Myst Forest thus began, and she was Madam Turqoise’s companion She began to relate…

My story is about a city which drowned in a lake.I saw it myself so it becomes my experience and the story goes in real life…

Story 2 


The Night the city sank

For many pencil days now construction on the dam had been stopped. People had been warned repeatedly that flood waters would enter their city and that they should leave for higher grounds. Many had left already as they were the ones who had managed to shift their belongings and even their demolished house materials. One day the sirens sounded. It meant that the water had begun to rise in the great lake. The dam being ready it would block the water. Now the countdown had begun.

People were concerned. The city would soon be no more. These were the gifts of the man made changes that new cities were coming into existence. The old were drowning and may never ever be known. Who would go down into the deep waters and search. All purpose of life was appearing meaningless, empty of value,

This was the dam on one of the Great Five rivers and would be a source of water supply for land crops and people.

‘If it does not rain then the water will be slow in coming but if it does then may the Lord have mercy, we do not know’ the engineers had forecast all this long before and warned the people to in time go, to higher grounds before it is too late. But as prophecies do come true the Gods of Thunder and Rain came together to show their power. Cities in history have vanished from the surface of the Earth and civilizations have come to tragic ends, wiped away, swept away, drowned, buried alive or by humans themselves killed.

This city of Mirpur was doomed. Built on hills with a mound in the center which had a Hindu Temple on it it did not have a large population. The people worked as shopkeepers, hotelers, teachers, fruit and vegetable sellers and labourers. They had small houses of their own.Now their nights were full of uncertainty and days of hope and despair. Thus, the clouds started appearing in the sky. Clouds had a message ‘we are coming’ beware’ pray ask , no, beg for forgiveness. The worst thing was that the doom had been foretold.

Now it was time. It was as if the world was going to end.

It was the cold month of the year.In cold people huddle together inside.If there is a large part of water closeby then it is colder in the air and atmosphere. It was such a day when the drizzle began.

It rained continuously perpetually for three days and three nights. The waters began to rise and kept rising.It grew dark.It was announced that the waters would rise to such a level that the whole area which covered the entire city, its growth of plants and trees, its old wells, its shops and houses,its walls and gates, its small alleys and streets all would fill up and the city will drown.It will be for ever submerged in the largest of lakes in the region. And it was all happening now.It was history.It was a dam being built for the people.It was some event to be remembered. It was a great milestone in the history of the local people.It would change the lives of so many for ever and ever. And it would be a disaster for some.A personal loss.A regret.It was a symbol of man made change.How the surface of the Earth takes a new shape and man makes a difference in landscapes and skylines. Here there was no skyline.But there was one temple which stood high and prominent and was a sacred place of worship. The security force was on full alert.There was the national army center ready with their rescue material and swimmers with life jackets probably not enough for many.The only family that still preferred to stay in the old house was the local doctor’s family and the doctor himself.He found it difficult and highly emotional to part with the place.There were other reasons too. Firstly the new house was not ready and secondly there was the love and value  of traditions and laws.

‘Most important to me is the change of nature and its laws, and above all is the will of God.O Allah how truthful is the life you have ordained, how it has rained and how helpless we are as human beings’ O Almighty pray keep us safe and bring us to safety as you have ordained amen.’

And since he understood so well the powers of the universe he said’ and I will lie down and wait’

And the rest of the people started leaving, for two days the roads were crammed with cars trucks and trolleys carrying luggage, people, children, and material like bricks,wooden planks even toilet seats, window frames and whatever the people could pull down and carry away to safer and higher places. All day it kept whirring and rolling and screeching….and raining…and in that rainfall it was all happening.

The water could be seen approaching as it was a mile away and touching the outskirts of the main city..the security officer requested the people not to go towards the water as it was slowly nearing the city from three sides…it looked so strange as slowly the liquid kept coming forward inch by inch , people kept stepping back those who were bystanders staring in concern and wonder, as to how would it fill the city, fill each nook and corner, each lane and each chink or gap, each patch where children used to walk run and play, or the streets where there were shops and , ‘what they called’tandoors’ and hotels’ where boys and men cooked food and made’roti’

And where shop keepers sold their wares, and felt so secure in their business, and so over the few months when the dam was being constructed all these people found the drastic turn of events changing them forever.

The rains hastened the approach of the waters to fill the city. By the third afternoon the flood warning sirens had sounded. The Doctors family was still in their house and they could not get out as the electricity was now cut off. The whole area was in darkness .Water being a carrierwould be too dangerous to make a move in the dark and there were no means too. The sirens kept sounding…Doctor said’ Be brave no worries God will help’ His faith was never so strong as now’ he waited and stayed in bed asking the rest of the family to stay warm…the rains did not stop till the day dawned.The doctor’s house and family survived…the morning sun shone bright and clear…doctor was an army soldier he knew how to hold the fort.In the early hours some army soldiers with boats had offered to help but the doctor refused.

Morning sun showed the real scene.Water had reached the doorstepsbut had not entered.The whole house was surrounded by the lake and the house had become the island.Oh what a scene ..then came the boats and the life jackets and the soldiers who had the boats tied with ropes and soon the four children were in them and were being pulled to safer and higher ground…there in the army mess room special breakfast had been prepared’ omellete, fried roti’called ‘paratha’ and hot tea’ and then the city was seen…drowned…as far as the eye could see there was water…

The terrible night was over’

Of ~ Verbivores, Defining Story Telling and The Eyes of The Mountains’~

Chapter 7


Pencil wood is not always to be blamed it might be the quality of the sharpener

Mahwish Haider Dar


In which the pencils all relate their experiences observations and short stories.

The first story begins as all are settled. Dame Redhood had invited all for this special session which she had wanted to hold for many pencil years.The season was pencil ripe’ the setting was special too. Pencileeze Hall had a new extension…a room with large bay windows which opened towards the nearby old thick dense forest most of which was unexplored as yet

Dame Redhood stood in the new Hall of the Pencileeze extended new quarters where she would be introducing and giving the special prologue to potential story tellers. ‘The art of story telling’ what is it?Dame Redhood had to work day and night to get the requisite knowledge for her fellow dwellers of the great family, and for all she invited to attend and learn.This was the main objective as she herself was a keen learner and educationist trying her pencil utmost to spread The Light of Lead’ as she called it now and for that objective she needed to be prepared herself.Her pencil House of Information was growing day by day and the collection of books and reference material had increased.She was expecting another large van of books to be delivered soon.’Van ‘ made her a little afraid that it may not be carrying some secret mission as well, but…

Now the Art of Story Telling that she wished to impart was defined as…by Garvie,  ‘story in the widest sense is the carrier of life’s message and has I believe a vital part to play in the education of the young child’particularly in the development of language’ 1991:56.

’Further more a story can be loaded with different aspects of language teaching such as vocabulary building and structures which need to be taught’ There is a rich culture and repertoire of stories and fables in the ‘Masnavi of Maulana Rumi and Attar’s Ilahi Nama’

Dame Redhood had really got the most famous of story tellers from the regional story tellers of Asia, where as there were others from the colder regions as Grimms, Hans Christian, and others….but I would like to share a strange word group with you’

The four types of Word Group Experts  and they are ‘ A Verbivore, Informavore, Logolept, and Wordaholic “Carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants and vegetables; verbivores devour words.”

We are living to be verbivores all of us…so the art of story telling involves the language the arrangement, the idea, the lesson and the expression for entertainment and effects’

Now have you got your stories ready? Who will begin shall we say Madam Purple Head please…come forward with your story…

Dame Redhood had a vast collection of quotes and here she got a very effective and lesson based one  …

One that would have the fruit must climb the tree.

Thomas Fuller

Thomas Fuller says if you wish to succeed then you must work hard’

There Are Eyes in the Mountains’ is the name of the story we are about to hear’

And so madam…Dame turquoise began….

Nature Speaks to us-I believe, Messages, silently to perceive
Time to pray and not to grieve, begin The Gratitude and Receive

‘I hope the firestone doesn’t come flying in and burn us up, we are going to die anyways’

‘Oh no, I am not ready to die yet’ she almost glared at Nisa a thin frail young girl feeling afraid all the time. Afraid of stones,, storms and cold wind. She just had a thin malmal chaddar to cover herself, her arms folded tightly around her  slowly dragging herself onwards…fifteen tender years of her life…what had she seen of this world? Or her close friend, thirteen year old Farah, more positive in her joyful mood, springing and humming along, skipping a little after a step or two.

‘stop doing that and what are you so happy about?’

O I am happy that I am…’

I am I’

‘What do you mean I am I?

‘I am skipping and I like it , I can do it see…and she skipped again’

‘no don’t do that, you will hurt yourself and more so in a couple of years, you will be holding your back and crying’

‘O come on what do you mean?

‘Walk straight and see straight’ you know there are eyes in the mountains’

Does the mountain see from so high up?

Yes the mountain can not only see but can also hear …

Farah stopped and looked up, putting her hand on the forehead as if to shade her eyes,

‘I can’t see the ears’

‘You will never see the ears or the eyes’ but I know they are there’

Hey hurry up we are still a long way from our home’

No No wait I want to see the ears of the mountain’

What’s got into your head today anyway ‘ are you coming?

Farah and Nisa would come and go together to the local school. The walk on the narrow track was lined by a stone wall. The stones were stacked about three feet high.

‘Rolling rounders would be no more, soon, as the widening of the road had begun. The first thing that they did was to bring down the loose stone wall.

‘Walls are so protective’ they should keep them’

I like to look over them, see like this and she stopped and raised her toes to see across the fields on the other side.

‘well, what is it?

O nothing special I just like to see , something might come some day’ some new object landing from the moon perhaps or another star’ or from the unknown world of fairies and witches and…perhaps angels…

‘All you will ever see is a scarecrow ‘

You and your imagination’ dreams never come true dreams…ugh…

She looked up a little as she walked on  the narrow dusty uneven small stony trek, it had become a monotonous routine, putting on the headcover’ tying the scarf, slipping on the almost worn out half slippers, holding  the few books folded in a cloth piece, close to heart,

‘What is this world that we live in? The fields the mountains the open skies sometimes filled with birds, a strange tune singing in the wind, and we walking all the way …it is our land our village, lucky we to have one, many people long for a village of their own’ but what makes me uneasy, I …I …am scared …’her thoughts would march along with her steps all the way.

What is behind these mountains? Nisa would think. She had a thinking mind .The mountain looked at her angrily she felt one day…’She had not wished her Mother farewell’ but had hurriedly gone out of the door’ .She heard her call but ignored it , the reason she herself did not know…

O the mountain is angry with me today Farah’

Farah as usual was skipping a little,

‘Did you finish your home work? Is it about homework?

No I could not as last night I had to make more than the usual ‘roti’

‘O why?

There were some guests, they came suddenly, they were quiet and talked in low voices.I could not understand what they were saying’ Mother was busy and I did not get time.

My hands and arms were paining and I was awake till late. Then I saw a dream

‘O will you tell me?

‘well…I saw this mountain’ and…I saw that it was rising as if trying to stand even higher and then I saw it had a face, a soft half smiling face , the eyes were brown and shining brightly, and then I heard it say something, at first I did not understand but then slowly I got some meaning…

What …what…did it say?

‘It said …that…I had to go to the blue gate …blue gate…’I wonder where the blue gate there I will see a white wagon which will be parked on the side…I will step inside and it would take me for a ride’ I will go alone.

‘O I know the blue gate, I saw it two days ago when we were coming home. It is a house on the side. It had a blue gate. I think it was painted.

Why was it painted blue? Blue means the sky and blue means freedom’ blue is the color of the peace makers remember our Teacher was saying that the green caps and blue caps will come ‘

‘Who are the blue caps and the green caps ‘

I don’t know the bell rang and the class ended before Teacher could tell us’

‘When do you have the next class?

We don’t know when ever the teacher wishes she tells us about them…

May be she made them up or had a dream about them…

Nisa and  Farah’s stories questions and answers continued everyday on their way to and back from school, the mountain would look at them and they at it. Nisa felt that it spoke, looked at her and was trying to tell her something. Farah had her fears which she would not share. The blue and green caps haunted her and now the blue gate of her dream…

Tonight I will pray before going to bed. I will ask Him to tell me’

Who will tell you?


He?  Him? I don’t get it –

You  don’t need to you will not understand now’   Nisa was firm in this decision

I believe He lives in the mountains and …

Are you sure’?

Well’ The road is straight, it is green on the sides of the road and the trees are always green all the year round’ isn’t that a clear sign? The Green means that ‘life is there always’ Life continues’ Life is more than what we feel or know about’ life is…

Yea,yea,  life is going walking’ every day, sitting on the floor’ doing things for the teacher, cleaning the mats and sometimes sweeping the floor’ and ‘blacking the writing board ‘making all our hands black with ink for days’ bringing water, and then learning…

You are not happy? You should be thankful

I am I, see, I am happy but not really. The Teacher is …is…

Don’t say anything about the Teacher; she does come to school doesn’t she?

She comes with a large shopper’ bag’ but she never…

Now that’s not a good thing to talk about when someone is not present’

Oh OK I am I’ let me be a little ….

‘No no, keep walking straight and you will be fine, where did you see the blue gate?

‘Oh, looking around Farah could not remember where she saw the blue gate?

‘It must not be real, how come you saw the same color as in my dream?

We are friends aren’t we? People who are close can read each others thoughts and understand their feelings and emotions ’hmmn I know what you like; do you know what I like?

I like to be free and happy ‘and I like to walk fast,fast,fast, almost run a little and skip a little’

No walk slowly with grace you are quite tall now –though a baby at heart’

And you are a Grand Maa…Maaji ! Maaji ! ‘what does your mountain say now’

It says you have to follow rules and stay straight’ Straight straight all the way’

He does not even move and he frightens everyone’

He is powerful in his non movement style that is he stays in his place and stays strong’

I would like to see it closely someday’ let’s go up and see’

That is not possible, we have work and now be quiet we are almost home, you take care and finish your work.

Another day, another evening and soon it would be dark. She wondered  when they would  put up these poles, they had been lying here for more than a year now, probably another year will go by…things were never completed  there…

The same routine followed but at least there were no guests that night’

Morning dawned ominous. Heavy clouds had overcast the sky during the night. Both friends huddled their few books against their bodies and started their walk to the learning center’ The sky was not visible. As Nisa looked up she understood the message

The Blue Gate! It was the sky’ The Sky ‘the Sky’ The Sky’

But the white wagon? Where was it? She looked around trembling and shivering a little’

But kept moving on…Farah would always be a step ahead, then would wait a little for Nisa to catch up and …’Lets go up the mountain today’ we will come back quickly

Please, please, just this one time, today I want to see the eyes

‘Nisa could not resist…

The mountain seemed to smile.The breeze felt cool. ‘Change had entered ‘only the mountain was a witness’, only the mountain saw it.

.At first nothing was odd, just stones mud and grass and hard rocks came in the way. They kept climbing, finding stable patches, holding small branches and fixing their feet  on small natural step like flat spaces, sometimes creating one. On and on they went.

O Mother I wish I had listened to her’ I will say sorry when I get back’ Nisa was feeling heavy’ She had not answered in her hurry to leave in time.Now the ‘sorry’ would have to wait…

After a while a vast blue screen started to emerge ‘New Life’ New horizons , new skies, new  scenes, something far beyond was almost within reach.

Freedom with Fear, moments of joy, silence so holy…Mountains or cultures, moments or traditions, nature or destiny, life or mortality’

There is only One Power ‘O Almighty, Beautiful is your world, so fresh and free, up here, but down there…? People make it difficult…and so dirty…how I wish we could stay in this free cool air…

A slow rumbling began to sound. It grew louder

The mountain moved, shook and started to break away. It started to sink.

It had looked so strong, powerful and immovable’ so high and grand’ so appealing’ what…why…

Nisa  ! Farah !   Farah !   Nisa !  Farah !

Earthquake.  E A R T H Q U A K E…Farah and Nisa lost their foothold and sank with the stones. They had desired to be on the top. They reached the top and then…

‘did you notice  the darkness that came over? A solemn voice asked. “O I did it was so frightening but then the blue gate opened’ ‘Blue Gate?’ O yes, I mean the sky’ it looked like a gate opening wide and spacious. It was strange and striking.’

They were the best in the learning center.’ The best always go early’ No one knows why?

‘Going straight was her rule all the time’ keeping to the point was her principle, and being responsible was her method.

Was it the real freedom, leading to the enlightened beautiful world? Through the clear blue gate, along with the flying and gliding birds, large and small, singing  and whistling, was that the real world they had wishes for and dreamed about?

The mountain was quiet now. Clouds had vanished, but the sun was hazy. How soon beauty fades away, innocence is crushed, tenderness scraped and smiles erased. The joy of beauty stilled.

Who will make the world down there as beautiful as on the top?


The white wagon was waiting for the white covered bodies.

Of Travels,Flags with Tree Symbols,Secret Messages ~ Mystery Deepens


Chapter 7

                                                                                                                                                                                         A Pencil travels universally
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Anjum wasim Dar
In which Dame Redhood in her further plans of research into her ancestory and the mystery developing around Pencileeze Hall adds information about trees.

She looks up a list of Flags of the nations around the world which have Trees in their flag designs. This may lead to the very country from where the secret messages are being initiated towards this area. Someone from these countries was perhaps trying to contact Dame Redhood,who was now becoming a very important figure in the Lead People’s World. This study might also give a clue to the land of the best forest and their reserves.

This chapter becomes the most important in the plot and proves to be an interesting valuable study for all readers in the adventures of the Lead People.
Dame Redhood was extremely confident that by collecting and presenting this information she would surely reach a special point in the investigation:  ‘There I think I should start but where is everyone ?
Mustard had moved to her Chambers after handing over the Oath to be reviewed, and the rest too were sharing the break in the main Conference.The Lounge was the place of meeting for the rest.
Dame Redhood thought for a moment…’I will send a message’ but by whom?’ She was thinking about it when she heard the same scratchy sound …’There it goes again’ whenever there is something special to be announced or shared this sound comes in the hearing range.…’ Who could it be?
Well, Let us wait for a while …someone will come’ and sure enough there she was Orange had been wanting to speak with Dame Redhood about helping with the arrangements and so wandered up to her Chambers. ’O Orange, just the person I would have wished to see’ Dame Redhood gave a half smile and said, ‘Could you please ask all to come to my Chambers I have to have a short session on some clues I have discovered and I must share’
Orange slided away as fast as she could on her rubber pads, and conveyed the message to Dame Turqoise and the rest.Soon all were present and perched in Dame Redhood’s  Chambers, eager to receive the information and to wonder about the pending apprehensions of Pencileeze Hall, what was the Mystery all about?
When all had been seated Dame Redhood took out her Red Portfolio and turning a few pages began …
‘While you have been taking a short break I have gathered some more information and that is about some countries of the world’ I was looking through the Forest regions and suddenly I realized that there was something strange on some pages and it was as if someone was trying to point it out.Thrice a green light flashed before me on the pages I turned and then in the third run of the Atlas I saw…
What? Madam, tell us , what did you observe?
‘It was a square drawing that attracted my attention on the side and when I looked closely I found the Symbol’ I was looking for …
‘The symbol? What symbol ?
Well, as you all know that we are the descendants of the Great Grand Master of The Forests of the Great Land Mass, which was cut and shaved into sections many many years later and we were all spread out in various jungles and woods.’Now many of those wooden areas are being controlled by forces who have either bought or conquered them,We need to find out which one is the right one so that we may lay claim or at least visit and gather information relevant for us. So for this reason I have been examining this Information Pencil Book on Flags…
FLAGS? Flags are used as symbols that represent the people their land and resources.They also carry the motto or the philosophy by which the people govern or identify themselves.So whatever I found I wish to share with all who are present ..and as soon as possible for things are getting serious warmer and…. closer….
So please now all be pencil ears…
Flags with Trees
The First Flag is of the country BELIZE
The Tree is The Mahogany and the Motto is
I Flourish in the Shade’ the tree is representing the main national resource that is :forests
Dame Redhood flashed up a picture of the Flag’
All were quite amazed to see, some noted in their diaries.

The second is the Flag of a large country called CYPRES which has two branches of the Olive tree.It is a desire for peace.
Next is the Flag of The republic of Equatorial Guinea.This country has the indigenous silk tree as its symbol on its flag…here you can see it….
Please keep notes of all…we shall discuss later…
Next is the Flag of ERITREA.It displays an Olive Wreath so much for this. These people also wish for peace …as the Olive wreath shows
Coming up now which I wish to show…is The republic of Fiji .This flag has the coconut palm and a bunch of bananas along with the olive peace branch.
‘GUAM is an island in the Western Pacific, it also has a Palm tree in the center of its flag.
‘Excuse me dame Redhood’ Blackolor tried to ask a question. ‘Well, what disturbs your pencil thoughts Blackolor?
‘Actually I was wondering of the significant relation of the trees to our problem here?
‘Dame Redhood was serious too.’We shall think about it in our pencil minds all together, you can speak your pencil mind and we shall compare what each of us has to say’ is that fair enough? We have just a few more to go , as we shall not keep the Flags of State of the far away across ocean lands which I guess are too far away to have any links at the moment, but I am not really sure, you may find some relative forest divisions working on their behalf , and secretly on the new tech-vid-on- which has been installed in one of the close regions.This is again some classified info I am sharing with you.Ever since we had that chase of the Black van, remember we have been working to locate the new fixings ‘ as we shall call them …
‘Fixings’ yes’’
Shall we move on please now I request pencil attention and till I finish no more questions in between …pencil understood?
Next we have the flag of LEBANON The most beautiful of all.It has the Cedar tree quite prominently.This symbol has been used since Biblical times and is placed right in the center of the flag.
Ah we have the island of SRI LANKA  which was called CEYLON. This has four leaves of the Pipul Tree-we shall note the number 4 here…
Now that is all that I wish to share…I request all members to study examine exchange thoughts and pencil down your own opinions.One question that I will state for you? In your opinion which country do you think has any ancestors of our living there? When you have decided that we may decide as to who will go and visit that place for more information.
I hope all this is penicically clear to all present here.The trips will be paid for by the Pecileeze Foundation and Forest Trust..the time period will be short for…Redhood was interrupted again, this time by a rather loud scratchy sound coming from the farther end of the corridor’ redhood stopped and all were pin drop pencil silent…..
The sound was not repeated but all had heard it.
The adventure had already begun.The mystery deepened further.
Redhood made a sign to all saying ‘You Can Go’ and so as quietly as they could they all retired to their own chambers.
Two days later the Story experiences session was scheduled to be held.Would it be cancelled?
No one knew for that the main Notice Board had to be viewed.
This board showed all important announcements and events…and for the day set for the session the Notice was there.

Of ~Forest Myths,Tree Worship and The Pencil Path to The Great Basket’

Chapter 6images

                                                                                    A pencil is equal from all sides’

                                                                                                                          Anjum Wasim Dar

Face towards the perfect image of every organ and the shadows of disease will never touch you’

                                                                                                            Robert Collier

                                                                                                            New Thought Author

In which the session has the   Theme  of  Trees   History  Worship and Mythology-Solutions and Concerns for The Pencil Lead Present Times’

Dame Redhood knew and realized the importance of knowledge and more so of finding our more, she knew it was called ‘Research’ and that was to get more pencil information from sources outside the area of your school college or the Great Pencil House of Books’

‘How pencil pitiable that we do not even know our own PENCILEEZE  FOREST’

She had thus arranged this Pencil Gathering with the dual purpose of ‘Question Discussion and Finding Out Mission’ The Book for her at the moment was the famous one by Sir James Frazier ‘The Golden Bough’ a book on the History of Myth and Religion’ first published in 1890 in two volumes and later in 1900 in three volumes.

Chapter IX says about The Worship of Trees: Dame started to read about Tree Worship:

‘In the religious history of the Aryan race in Europe the worship of trees has played an important part.Nothing could be more natural. At the dawn of history a large part of this Earth was covered with immense primaeval forests in which scattered clearings must have appeared like islets in an ocean green.’ Down to the first century before our era the Hycynian Forest stretched Eastwards from the Rhine for a distance unknown’

Oh Dame Redhood thought’…forests in large areas and so unknown’

She wondered and began planning in her thoughts which concentrated on her role as the Pencil Head of this wonderful creative community. She must set a good, in fact the best example…

It was a lovely morning but cold with a light breeze blowing gently, making the trees murmur in the distance.Dame Redhood had made special arrangements for this session, this time Mustard was the sole helper.Today Purple Head Grey Matter Blackolor Green Grassy Black Mistress were also expected to be present.

Mustard was aware of the Pencil Tree Theme and had apprehensions in her mind and top-what if my beliefs suffer a clash, what if I have the same emotional powers, what if I believe that magic is the right way to success, what if ‘writing magic spells are the Pencil Path to The Great Basket’ ? The Great Basket’ The Great Huge  Hollow  Deep Basket’  or is it …The BIN?

Mustards fears led her to the Great Informations Pencil Box She opened the Page on Great Pencil  Book of Info:

Opening Page on Wikipedia she read the following information

‘The custom of transferring disease or sickness from men to trees is well known. Sometimes the hair, nails, clothing, etc. of a sickly person are fixed to a tree, or they are forcibly inserted in a hole in the trunk, or the tree is split and the patient passes through the aperture. Where the tree has been thus injured, its recovery and that of the patient are often associated. Different explanations may be found of such customs which naturally take rather different forms among peoples in different grades.’

Among ancient cultures the sacred trees are haunted by angels or by jinn; sacrifices are made, and the sick who sleep beneath them receive prescriptions in their dreams. Here, as frequently elsewhere, it is dangerous to pull a bough. This dread of damaging special trees is ….

She had reached this stage when Dame Redhood entered ‘Mustard is everything PK?’ You look a bit pencil pale and straighter than normal’

‘No I…I ..was just a …er…thinki…ng….

‘are you pencil tired , I hope the work is not too much?

No Madam ‘ I was just …then Mustard was quiet, remembering that she was not supposed to share.This attitude was known to all. Dame Redhood only,  knew how to deal with Mustard and she was quite successful in it, though not completely. It is indeed very difficult to understand someone in life.It takes pencil light years to come to an understanding.In relationships what was the golden rule? The known golden rule is ‘The art of Giving’ Have we made some Pencil Golden Rules of Relationships’ we do have an Oath System which is effective as it takes formal shape and keeps everyone in check-they say there should be rules for every day and every occasion:

rules for every step in the day

that is what should be the way


Well, Ma’am’ Mustard said, ‘I have written some lines , perhaps you may review them for the purpose’

Dame Redhood was instantly alert, straight and keen to see what Mustard had pencilled down.

Oh that is some good pencil news, let us see, I am a bit surprised but I know you have talent and some deep down latent interests in your inner lead’

‘O Madam I am honored by your saying so, actually I am …I…sort of…trying to…get…

Well, well, show me pencil quick’…

Here Madam shall I read it out or you will by yourself? Mustard was feeling a bit apprehensive about showing her work and it may not be suitable for approval…

Dame Redhood was clear in her mind. She wanted the Oath to be You may read it aloud once and then give the paper to me.I will review it.

PK I will read it now…please be pencil alert.She began calmly and slowly…straight to the point

‘Trees with  foliage, Protect!

Pray Save the Forest!

silent sat the Kinglet shivering ….

What happened? Why have you stopped?…